Dog Walking & Puppy Care

Office Hours:importance of the walk

Monday – Friday:  9am – 5pm


Belly Rubs offers dog walking services and puppy care to pet parents of Northern Virginia.  We customize our service with each client to create a plan that is best suited to meet the needs of your pet.  Currently, dog walking and puppy care are available to pets who reside in Ashburn, Brambleton, Broadlands, Belmont, Cascades, Herndon, Lansdowne, Leesburg, Loudoun, Reston, and Sterling.  If your location is not listed, please inquire as we are adding new areas frequently!

New Client Orientation

Before we begin service you will have a new client orientation meeting in your home with all of your pets present.  This meeting is conducted by a member of our team and is the time for us to understand the unique needs of your pets while in our care.  At this time we ask that you provide us with (2) sets of working keys for us to maintain on file for the duration of our relationship.  There is a one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $20 that is due at the time that your orientation is scheduled.  This fee covers a behavioral analysis of your pet to ensure suitability for dog walking services, a one on one orientation of the Belly Rubs Culture & Policies with a specially trained member of our new client care team, lifetime maintenance of your keys in our secure, key-safe system and a lifetime supply of pet logs and journals for ongoing documentation of each of our visits.  *If it is determined by our team that dog walking is not a good fit for your pet then we will refund this fee.

Dog Walking Service

Our mid-day dog walks allow your dog to have a potty break, get some fresh air and a little exercise. Your dog will be given a journal that will log each of our visits, to include time of visits and what your dog did while with your dog walker. Our dog walking service is available Monday – Friday between the hours of 10am – 4pm.  Our services are based on the time we spend with your pets, not on the number of pets in your home.  15-Minute Dog Walk:  $15;  30-Minute Dog Walk:  $20  There are no additional fees for households with more than one dog.  

Puppy Potty TrainingPuppy Care

“Yeah ~ New Puppy!!!  Oh wait . . . this is a lot more work than I thought it would be when I fell in love with this little bundle of fur love!!”  We hear this all the time and we have year’s of experience helping new puppy parents get off on the right paw right from the beginning.

Give us a call so your new puppy will get to keep a house training routine while you are at work and start working on puppy manner skills.  This is an important part of a puppy’s early development as we will work on some basic socialization skills that will help your puppy grow into a well-balanced tween dog that gets along well in a human’s scary world.  The time we spend with your puppy will help provide him or her with plenty of playtime & exercise, which any professional trainer will tell you is one of the keys to prevent puppy chewing, digging, excessive barking and other undesired behaviors. Puppy Care is for pups up to the age of six months.  The puppy care packages include two visits per day Monday – Friday between the hours of 10am & 4pm.  You will select a one-hour time block for us to come each day we are scheduled to care for your new puppy, excluding company holidays (view our policies below for a list of holidays). Package A:  (1) 30-Minute Visit and (1) 15-Minute Visit: $32/Day; Package B:  (2) 15-Minute Visits: $27/Day 


  1. Office Hours:  Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm excluding company holidays as listed below.  Current clients are asked to call the office by dialing (571) 295-5516.  If you do not reach us when contacting our office, please leave a message and a member of our team will return your call within 2 hours, during normal business hours.  If you have an emergency, please leave a voicemail.  The voicemail is checked frequently during both office and non-office hours and the manager on duty will return your call as quickly as possible.
  2. New Client Orientation:  We require all new clients to schedule a new client orientation before we are able to begin service.  The goal of the orientation is to learn the routine of your pet, the layout of your home, test alarm systems & keys and to go over the company policies.  The client orientation is a one-time meeting and there is a one-time, non-refundable registration fee (please see fee schedule on website for current fees).  We make every effort to have your chosen primary dog walker conduct this meeting with you, however, due to individual schedules, the person conducting your orientation may or may not be the assigned dog walker that we have chosen for your requested services.  If at any time during the course of our providing service, you wish to meet any of the dog walkers we assign for your requested services, we are happy to arrange a Meet & Greet at a fee of $20.
  3. Scheduling:  You may schedule visits for your pet in one of three ways as listed below.  We ask that in order to make absolutely certain that we have your visits recorded and no visit is over looked, please do not leave a note for your dog walker regarding scheduling or cancelling visits.  Only visits scheduled in one of the three ways listed below will be considered a confirmed reservation.
    1. Login to your client account with the login and password given to you during your client registration and schedule via the Request Visits Tab.
    2. Send an email to the office at
    3. Call the office at (571) 295-5516
  4. Parking:  We require that our clients provide a parking option that is within a reasonable walk to the home (less than a 2 minute walk).  If there is no reserved parking and your assigned dog walker must park a distance from your home, the time in traveling from parking to your home and back will be deducted from the time actively spent with your pet.  Additionally, if your dog walker must pay to park, you will be billed the cost of the parking so that your dog walker may be reimbursed.
  5. Minimum Visits:  This policy applies to clients who will be away from home for a period of 24-hours or more.  We require a minimum of (2) 30-minute visits for dogs per 24-hour period and (1) 15-minute visit for cats and other pets per 24-hour period.  This policy is in place to ensure we are checking on the health and safety of your pet & home as recommended to us by our consulting veterinarians as well as dictated by our insurance provider.
  6. Payment:  Payments for all services are due in advance.  We do require that all clients provide a valid credit card during the new client registration process and this card will be charged for all services rendered as follows:
    1. Mid-Day Dog Walking Clients (Monthly Contracts)Your credit card will be charged on the 1st of each month for the entire monthly fee.
    2. Mid-Day Dog Walking (All Others)Your credit card will be charged on Monday for all services that are scheduled to take place in the current week.  If mid-day visits are added after the Monday billing cycle, they will be added to the following Monday’s scheduled payment.
  7. Fees:  Current service fees are always published on the company’s official website.  We may from time to time adjust the published fees.  All current mid-day clients will be notified no less than 30-days in advance of a change in their fee schedule.
  8. Gratuity:  If you choose to give your dog walker a gratuity for the services they render, you may do so with either a check or cash.  We do not accept gratuity payments by credit card.
  9. Keys:
    1. We require that you provide two sets of keys; one key is coded and stays with your dog walker for providing service, the second key is coded and maintained in the office key safe for emergency backup purposes.  If you do not provide two sets of keys to us during the new client registration process, we will make a duplicate key at a fee of $15.
      1. If you choose to have your dog walker attain keys from your buildings concierge during each visit, the time spent acquiring and returning the keys will be deducted from the time actively spent with your pet.  It is our experience that this may take in upwards of 10 minutes each time we approach the desk (20 minutes each visit), so a minimum of a 30-minute visit will be required.
    2. If the services of a locksmith are required in order to access your home (you change the lock and forget to get us a new key, your lock is broken, etc.), you are responsible for all locksmith charges and any additional time in 15-minute increments at the published rate for a 15-minute visit that the dog walker is required to wait at the home until the locksmith arrives.
    3. Your keys will automatically be retained on file at the end of service.  If you request that your keys be returned by either mail or in person, you will be charged a $15 key handling fee.  If your client service file has no activity for a period of more than 12 months we reserve the right to dispose of your key.
  10. Visit Times:  We conduct all of our visits within a two-hour time interval that is discussed with you and determined during the time of reserving your visits.  Puppy Care is conducted within a one-hour time interval that is determined during your new client orientation.
  11. Shared Responsibilities Or Others With Access To Home:  We require that you notify the office if there is ever a possibility that other individuals will be in your home during any time period when your pet is in our care.  We take the care and safety of your pet and home very seriously and will contact the police if we feel your home safety has been violated.  Additionally, if others are given access to your home it will compromise certain areas of our insurance policies.
  12. Inclement Weather:  If the federal government closes, all mid-day walks will be cancelled and you will receive a visit credit for the cancellation (monthly contacts will not receive a credit unless you choose to use your annual vacation allowance).  We will be operating on a modified schedule for all pet sitting visits during this time or we may call your emergency contact/trusted neighbor contact for temporary assistance until we are able to safely reach your home and pets.  A modified schedule will mean that we may not arrive during the exact time interval and the visit may be shortened in order to make certain we are able to safely reach every client within a reasonable amount of time.  We will notify clients of any cancellations or abbreviated schedules via our Facebook page and email.
  13. Holidays:  We charge a $10 per visit fee for any visit occurring on the following days:  New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day After Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve after 4pm.  This fee is given to your pet care provider as an incentive to be available to care for your pets over the holiday.  Mid-Day walks are automatically cancelled on the above listed holidays.
  14. Cancellations and Refunds:
    1. Mid-Day Dog Walking Clients (Monthly Contract) – You are free to cancel any visit if you are planning on being home and do not wish to be disturbed or will be spending the day with your dog.  No credit will be issued for ad hoc visit cancellations.  Your contract does allow for scheduled vacation time to be credited towards your next month’s reservation.  You must notify the office in advance if you wish to use your vacation allowance and vacation allowances must be used in blocks of 3 or more consecutive days.  Clients may suspend their service for a maximum of 2 months per calendar year for summer holiday or extended leave.
    2. Mid-Day walking clients (All Other) –  Clients who cancel mid-day dog walks by 9am the day of scheduled service will receive a credit for the cancelled walk.  Visits cancelled after this deadline will be charged the full amount for the scheduled visit.
  15. Unforeseen Purchases:  From time to time a client unexpectedly runs out of necessary supplies while we are caring for their pet (i.e. food, litter, cleaning supplies, etc.).  We will purchase any necessary supplies that we deem as necessary to fully provide service to you and your pets and charge you the cost of the supplies plus a $20 convenience fee.
  16. Leashes & Harness:
    1. Client must provide a standard 4-foot or 6-foot leash for walking.  For the safety of your pet and our pet care providers, we do not walk pets on retractable leashes.  If you do not provide a standard leash, one will be purchased for you at a fee of $10 per leash.
    2. All pets must wear a properly fitted harness or collar when walked.  Leashes and harness must be in good condition.  If we feel the leash or harness is not in good condition we will contact you to request that you provide a new leash or harness.  If attempts are made to contact you to discuss this concern and you are unable to return our calls within 48-hours, a new leash or harness will be purchased for you at a fee of $10 per collar and $30 per harness.
    3. If the pet is deemed to be a strong puller by any member of our management team, we will call to discuss management tools that will aid in a safe and enjoyable walk for your pet.  If attempts are made to contact you to discuss this concern and you are unable to return our calls within 48-hours, an easy walk harness or equivalent will be purchased for your pet and you will be billed a fee of $30 for this harness.
  17. Pet Photos:  Our dog walkers will often take pictures of your pets while in their care to share with you via text or email.  We like to share these photos with other interested clients via our website or on our company Facebook Page.  If you wish to not have your pet featured, please contact us to let us know.