Exciting News From Ashburn, VA Dog Wash & Grooming Salon

We have some very exciting news to share with you about all of the walk-in services that we offer at our Ashburn, VA Grooming Salon & Self Serve Dog Wash!!  How could you dog in a bathmake your awesome salon any more awesome you ask?  Great question!

Well all of our walk-in services are now a flat fee of only $12!  That’s right . . . walk in for a self serve dog wash (no matter the size of your dog) ~ $12; walk in for a nail trim ~ $12; walk in for a quick touch-up between the eyes or a sani trim in between full grooming appointments ~ $12!!  And we didn’t stop there!  Walk in for any 2 services and get both for $20 . . . walk in for any 3 services and get all 3 for $30!!  That’s right . . . come in for a self serve dog wash and a nail trim?  You get both for only $20!!  Bring in your 3 dirty, smelly labs for a self serve bath?  You get all 3 for only $30!!  Bring in your shih-tzu for a quick sani trim and touch-up between the eyes?  You get both for only $20!!

Stay tuned for an announcement coming soon for our clients who come in for our bathing and haircut services.  We have an exciting new Belly Rubs Suds Club program that we will be unveiling very soon!

See you soon at the salon!!


  1. Our friends say that we should not be having our dog groomed and simultaneously her coat stripped to a shorter length in summer. They say it is unnatural and each dog has eveolved to need the coat thickness they are born with.

    We disagree, because our dog becomes very lazy in the hot weather, and much less-so when we have her coat clipped.

    Please tell us. What is your opinion on this, as an expert?

    • Steve,

      This is a very good question and the appropriate grooming for each dog is as individual as the number of breeds. Breeds such as the Labrador Retriever or Pug do best with regular and proper deshedding to allow the shedding coat to be removed, thus aiding the coat in doing its job as a natural air conditioner in the summer. Other breeds, such as the Golden Retriever or Australian Shepherd require a deeper level of deshedding and some light trimming to neaten the lines of the animal. Then other breeds such as the Poodle or Shih Tzu require regular trimming of the coat to properly maintain the continuously growing coat. Additionally, there are the terrier breeds that are best served by hand-stripping the coat in order to maintain its proper texture and to aid in the health of the skin. Each dog should be evaluated by a professional groomer to discuss recommended care for his coat and skin based on the dog’s individual needs and current health.

      Thank you for asking such an often debated topic by pet owners all over the world.

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