Ashburn Grooming Salon & Dog Wash

Salon Location:

43330 Junction Plaza, Suite 178

Ashburn, VA 20147


Open Tuesday – Saturday 8am – 5pm

Last Walk-In Service Taken At 4PM

Dog Grooming SalonKing Louie

Our Ashburn, VA Dog Grooming Salon prides itself on being sought after for our personalized service.  We are the only professional dog grooming salon in Ashburn, VA and we love pampering your pups!  At Belly Rubs, whether your precious pooch is in need of a nail trim, bath, deshedding treatment or haircut; we cannot wait to call you and your pup a member of the Belly Rubs Family!  

Why People Choose Belly Rubs?  We know you do not want to leave your pup with us all day . . . and we know  your pup would rather be home with you.  That is why we offer all of our clients, free of charge, appointments that are scheduled for a specific time, just like when you go get your haircut.  A typical dog grooming appointment will be completed in 1-2 hours (for dogs that are groomed regularly).  Call us today to book your appointment or click the link above to schedule your grooming salon appointment online!!

All of our  dog grooming clients will begin with a hydro-massage bath with a premium shampoo chosen just for their skin and coat. Next their ears will be cleaned.  They will then be treated to a special conditioning treatment while a tearless facial treatment is applied to reduce tear stains and help with the muzzle stinkies.   Their nails will be trimmed and filed and they will be hand fluff dried.  Finally, a trim suited to your pets breed and lifestyle will complete the private grooming appointment.  Finishing touches include an aromatherapy spray and a bandana.

Grooming Salon Full Service Options

Grooming a YorkieHaircut Appointments ~Schedule an appointment with us at our salon and your pup will be treated like royalty.  It will begin with a consultation when you arrive to determine the best products and trim that will enhance your dog’s coat.  Then each dog is pampered by a two person team that includes a professional bather, who is trained to properly bathe & brush a dog’s unique coat in order to prepare it for your professional stylist, who will finish your pup’s private grooming appointment with an individualized trim that highlights your dog’s breed and lifestyle.

Bath & Brushout ~ Schedule an appointment to let one of our professionally trained bathers pamper your pup while you go run some errands or hit the gym.  We will begin by asking questions about your dog’s health and skin to determine the best products for your pup’s private appointment.  Enhancements (like a ShedLess Treatment or specialty shampoo) will be discussed to determine if they will add a benefit to your pup’s experience.  Then the magic begins . . . massaging bath treatment, hand-fluff blow out, nail trim, ear cleaning, brushing and a spritz of cologne & a bandana to end the appointment.


Baby Cody

Grooming Salon Walk-In Service Options   

Self Service Dog WashWe Provide Everything You Need (Except The Dog) Just bring your dog to our self-serve dog wash in Ashburn, VA and we will provide a raised tub (to save your back), warm water, waterproof aprons (to shield you from the shacks), shampoo & conditioner made especially for pets, towels and a warm force air dryer.  When you are done just leave the mess behind for us to clean up.  Fee $15

Nail Trim or Nail Filing ~ Maintaining the proper length on your dog’s nails is about more than just protecting your hardwood floor, it is about the health of your dog.  And we know many dog owners do not feel comfortable trimming your dog’s nails, so leave that task to us!  Fee $15

Self Wash & Nail Trim Combo ~ Bringing in your dog for a self wash but want a little help with the nails?  No problem!  We offer a Self Wash & Nail Trim Combo!  Fee $25


Cancellation Policy

Clients are asked to notify us by 9am the day before your appointment if you wish to cancel or reschedule in order to avoid any charges. Cancellations or no shows after 9am the day before your appointment by clients who have reserved a professional grooming appointment  will be charged a $25 cancellation fee that will be added to your next scheduled service.