Self-Serve Wash & Walk-In Services

Self Serve Dog Wash   NOW OPEN!!!!

Location: 43330 Junction Plaza #178; Ashburn, VA 20147

Phone: (571) 295-5516       Hours: Daily 9am – 5pm


Walk In Services ~ No Appointment Needed

$12 Per Service OR 2 For $20, 3 For $30

Self Service Dog Wash ~ We Provide Everything You Need (Except The Dog) ~ Just bring your dog and we will provide a raised tub (to save your back), warm water, waterproof aprons (to shield you from the shacks), shampoo & conditioner made especially for pets, towels and a warm force air dryers.  When you are done just leave the mess behind for us to clean up.  Or if you prefer, we will provide a full service bath and blow out for your dog (by appointment only)!  Visit the grooming page for more details.

Nail Trim or Nail Filing 

Feet Trimmed Up ~ Does your pet’s feet remind you of a ogre?  We will trim up the overgrown hair between the toes and round off the feet to give a polished look.

Pads Trimmed ~ When your pet runs across the floor do they have a hard time stopping?  It is likely due to an overgrowth of fur between the pads.  We will trim the pad for to give them better traction when walking and to keep those painful pad mats at bay.

Eye Touchup ~ Having a hard time seeing your dog’s eyes?  This is a great in-between service when it’s not quite time for a haircut but your poor pup keeps running into walls because he can’t see past the fur in front of his eyes.

Toothbrushing ~ Let us help you keep those pearly whites white between dental visits.

Sanitary Trim ~ We will do a light tidy around the sanitary areas to keep your pet clean between baths.

Anal Glands Expressed 

Ears Cleaned