Thank You For 4 Wonderful Years At Our Ashburn Grooming Salon

Dog Groomer in Ashburn VA

The dogs love the massaging rub down they get after their baths.

As I sit down to write this post, I am honestly overcome with emotions.  I clearly remember the nervousness I felt four years ago when we opened the doors of Belly Rubs N Suds for the first time.  How would our clients like it?  How would our team like it?  Would the phone ring enough to keep us busy?  Over a year of planning went into opening our first grooming salon in Ashburn and I was a nervous wreck.

We opened the Saturday before Thanksgiving 2012 with a full schedule of clients wanting to make sure their dogs looked their best for visiting family.  We welcomed (and continue to welcome) new clients into our Belly Rubs Family every day and we have stayed busy since the day we opened.  For this I am truly grateful.

Two of our clients bathing their service dog in our self wash.

Two of our clients bathing their service dog in our self wash.


Since that day we have met so many wonderful clients and the most precious furry family members.  We have laughed with our clients as they shared the antics they found their pups in during their daily lives.  We have cried with our clients as they have come to us to make sure their fur-babies looked their best on what they knew would be their last few days with them on earth.  We have introduced new puppies to the world of grooming, watching them grow up into some of our most cherished clients.  We have gently worked with older dogs who have entered into a phase of their life that requires more care, understanding and patience.  We have answered too many questions to count on how you can help make your dog’s life better at home – from advice on food to how to stop the itching to training advice and even who to go to for custom outfits for Christmas Day Family Photos.  We have become a part of your family and you have become a member of ours.


Big dogs get extra love by our groomers . . . there's a lot to love!

Big dogs get extra love by our groomers . . . there’s a lot to love!

I find it so very suiting that our Anniversary falls the week before Thanksgiving each year.  Every day, me and the entire team are so very grateful for all of our clients and getting the opportunity to serve you each and every day.  With this in mind, I Want To Thank Every One Of Our Clients for allowing us to be a part of your dogs’ lives and for 4 Wonderful Years!  Everyone on the Belly Rubs N Suds Team is looking forward to continuing to serve you for many, many years to come!

Teresa Hogge, Owner

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